Monday, November 25, 2013

Ava-Dolls Game WIP

This is me as an Ava-Doll.
Yes, I dress this badly!


Sweet! It only took about 100 tutorials, but I finally found a way to upload my work-in-progress game to Blogger! I haven't uploaded it anywhere else yet  except I guess those very sketchy looking SWF host sites that didn't work....

The game isn't done, but there are only so many years something can sit unshared on your computer. The art gets sad when it is neglected, and I start to wonder why I spent so much time working on it for it to just sit in a poorly organized folder on my dying computer. The game still has some buggy code, there are a ton of items/hairstyles I've made but haven't added yet, and I STILL can't get the loader bar to work, but eh, you can play it now! I just haven't had any time to work on it for the last months. ;_; Very sad. _________________________________________________

My sis on the left, her friend on the right!

Anywho, these are my Ava-Dolls (c)! I started making this game for these twins I used to babysit, but then I wanted to see how many of my friends I could make with the game, and I never stopped adding to it.

I want to have enough customization that it can eventually be a digital avatar maker. Yes, if you have read my book, you may have noticed I have an obsession with customization.*wink*

I think some of the Avas would be great DOLL dolls. If they were in better quality I would take them to the next Licensing Expo. I really want to get some of my artwork licensed.

Wow, this post sounds very dull and dry, doesn't it? I don't know why I'm not good at blogging. I love writing so much. It's what I want to do for the rest of my life, but dagnabbit, I am not good at blogging, or at formatting a blog!  Look at the oddly placed pictures and forget my boring words!


Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Cho, Pansy
Yes, I made it so you can make some of the girls from Harry Potter! I deactivated the "Wizard" button, so you have to work to find the Hogwarts-esque clothes! I have some more Witchy awesomeness that I haven't added yet.=)

Other combos!
The 2nd doll from the top is my BWEFF!
Check out her photography here!


On to the game! Like I said, it still needs a lot of work, but if you play it, take a screencap of the Ava-Dolls you make and post them in the comments!=-)

....I think you can post photos in the comments? Oh, well...guess we'll find out!

Ok, so you can't post photos in the comments on here, but you can always tweet screencaps of your dolls at me "@DreamOfFire" or post them to
I will make an Ava-Doll gallery!

Stay tuned! I sometimes do giveaways where you can get your own custom Ava-Doll picture + your favorite clothes added to the game! I also do commissions for them for 20 bucks!=)

Game WIP! After a dozen tutorials, I still can't get the loader bar to work, so it takes a minute for the game to pop up. It's a fun 2 minute distraction, so make some Ava-Dolls!=-)
Any suggestions are welcome! I think the eye/hair colors need to match up, and the game needs more hats, bags, and hairstyle choices. ...Gods, that is the girliest thing I have EVER said.

End Test.
NOTE: I apologize for the terrible formatting of this post. It makes my eyes hurt to look at it too, I just can't get things where I want them. Blogger mystifies me.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My 15 Minutes of Sorta Fanart Fame!

Stare at the glory of my illustration skills! Do IT!

Ok, so a year or so ago I typed "Boy with the Bread" into Google because I am a HUGE "Hunger Games" fan, and Peeta is one amazing character ("Boy with the Bread" is his nickname). I was scrolling through the images...and WHAT THE HECK, I saw a fanart  I drew in 2011 on the bottom of the first page of Google Images. I counted and it was like 48th or something. Anywho, I thought that was super cool.

I forgot about it for a couple months, and when I typed it in again it was 23rd! I was so excited, I started checking more often. It was 14th for forever, and then BAM, number 6--JUST outside showing up in the top 5. It stayed there for months. I thought this was my proudest achievement EVER.

Then...I checked again a couple weeks ago. DeviantArt changed the way it was hosting the original image, so clicking it no longer went straight to the image. My picture moved down... and down... and down again...
I was very sad.
What did I ever do to deserve this sadness?

I sighed and decided my little 15 minutes of "sorta fanart fame" were up (if I ever had any sorta fanart fame to begin with...I mean, only 1 person stole my image! The higher the volume of thieves, the more successful the artist, so yeah, I'm not famous yet. :-) ). I decided to move on with my life and just forget about it ever being in the top again.
Depths of despair pictured above.

I have crazy OCD. I can't leave things alone. I used to do the whole light switch thing and everything. I even thought about taking all the clothes numbers off the doors in a dressing room to match them up with their appropriate numbers last week. HOW DARE you take 5 articles of clothes into the 3rd dressing room! What is wrong with you?! Anyway, yes, I am crazy, so I checked one last time and WHAT!?

Pictured: proudest moment of my life!

My illustration broke the top 5! It's number 3 right now, which means it shows up on Google results before you even click into images!!!!!!!!! I never thought anything of mine would make it anywhere near the top! I don't know how or why it got there, but I am so happy!
90% of gifs lazily obtained from same source.

WHO KNOWS! Maybe Suzanne Collins herself has seen my drawing! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End gloat!

I hope someday my writing will make it, and people will draw fanart of my characters!:-)


If you want to see the WIP, click this post!
If you noticed that Peeta's sword disappears (kinda like his other leg...I shouldn't draw attention to that...), congratulations! You win a prize! I forgot about it, but its ghost remains!!=-P

-----PLEASE vote for me!

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