Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It was all that jazz!

These last 2 weeks or so have been mental. Working until 3a.m. + getting up with the sun? Ahh! NO! 

I haven't had any time to relax or do anything fun. ...Ok, I did go see "Chicago" so the "no fun" part is not entirely true.  I basically have had no fun, and this tendinitis in my right shoulder is making typing painful, and me miserable. I'm a masochist though, and although I have a ton of work-related typing I should be doing, I'm going to blog instead! Take that, world! I'm taking a break from this week, and I'm going to blog, AND I'm going to create a new board on Pinterest! Go me!

Ok, on to the subject of this post. 
I've seen several other writers do "Dreamcast" boards for their novels, so I thought I'd start one too! I haven't been able to give it a lot of thought yet, but I've at least found a couple of actresses who would be great for my heroine, and honestly...I actually already had Sendhil Ramamurthy in mind when I first introduced my MC's godfather. Sendhil  was just so cool in "Covert Affairs."

PINTEREST LINK:    http://www.pinterest.com/dreamoffire/dreamcast/

[edit] DREAMCAST for my book! Woo!


Fayten Lena

Alia Shawkat

Picks for "Fayten Lena," heroine of my MS.

I just saw my first episode of "Arrested Development" and I thought this girl looked familiar. One IMDB minute later, my suspicions were confirmed. Alia Shawkat played in one of my sister's all time favorite shows: "State of Grace."

While looking at Alia's IMDB page, it suddenly occurred to me that she looks a bit like my sketches for Fayten. That's actually were this whole "dreamcast" thing started.

Isabelle Fuhrman
Isabelle Fuhrman played "Clove" in "The Hunger Games." She seems like an awesome actress, and she fits Fayten's description really well!

Fayten is supposed to be a tough cookie, and both of these girls look like they kick butt!=-)


James Gaisford

Why James Gaisford? Because he was amazing as young Haymitch in Mainstay Pro's Quarter Quell mini-movie.I will put a link to that later. He's talented, and he already has the glare thing down.

Rian Vance


Oh gosh, another cute boy. Now it looks like my story is a romance.... It's not. It's an adventure, baby!

Ok, so this is not the most prepared of choices. I don't even know what this guy's full name is, or if he's even an actor.... but I do know he's a Swedish singer called "Roomie" and when I was laughing my head off at one of his awesome videos last year, I decided that he looked a lot like my character Rian. Rian is a genius hacker, but he's also a musician, so I thought this choice was appropriate.;-)

Robbie Kay
I am loving Robbie Kay as Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time, so now he's also on my dreamcast list for Rian too!

Roy Rangarajan

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Sendhil Ramamurthy would be my pick for Fayten's godfather Roy, the leader of the Unplugged. I would write more about how awesome Sendhil is if the tendonitis in my shoulder wasn't throbbing so much! Owww!

Jenna Tack

Zoe Kravitz

Ok, so I was looking for an actress who looked like they could kick @ss, since Jenna Tack spends most of her time in combat training. I also wanted to find an actress that I'd seen in at least one movie (I'm really bad at remembering actor/actress' names...except for the cast of Harry Potter...) so I knew they were talented as well as pretty. Zoe Kravitz is all those things rolled into one!

Yay! And I found a picture of her with short hair! Now she fits Jenna so perfectly, and I'm even more in love with my pick!

Wow...I only just realized Lenny Kravitz is her father! I'm such a dummy! American woman, da-duhn!

Catrina (aka, the Red Witch)

Evangeline Lilly

Catrina is the captain of the Freelancer ship, the Trickster, and she is one of my favorite characters. She's a sexist jerk, and I totally love her! Finding an awesome dreamcast actress for her was fun, and ended with the amazing Evangeline Lilly! I can totally see her as the man-crusher!=)

Thursday, September 12, 2013