Friday, December 20, 2013

#PitchMas First 250 Words of LOGIN

Since today is #PitchMas, I thought I would put up this post with the first 250 words of my MS! =)
Singing to the tune of "Two Front Teeth": "All I want for Christmas is an a-a-gent! An a-a-gent! An a-a-gent! All I want for Christmas is an a-a-gent! Oh how happy I would be!"
I also want another LotR 1/24th scale Beasts and Battle Figurines that I couldn't finish collecting when I was little. I can probably take care of that myself though.=-)


Program 001: Birthday Candles

I’d woken with a jolt early this morning, peacekeepers beating on my door. I thought we still had one more day, but my parents’ Grace Period to raise me was over. They had prepared me for much, but not this—how could they? While a Customized would be thinking about blowing out candles on their sweet-sixteen, I was at the Judgment Building, trying to decide which of my parents to feed to the flame. Before I’d be allowed to leave the balcony room above the Pit, I’d have to choose which of my parents would die for me.
I dug my nails into the pale skin of my arm, not removing them until they left deep marks. I couldn’t really feel any pain. It was vague, a distant sting to a nervous system that no longer belonged to me. My consciousness seemed to float above my body, but it couldn’t escape, and neither could I. I remembered how I used to wake screaming when I was a little girl, plagued by guilt over a choice I hadn’t made yet. Now that that choice was before me, I was too numb to feel anything. 
My counselor tapped her clipboard with long fingernails. She was sitting somewhere behind me, reminding me that she was still there—and that I was still wasting her time—every few minutes when she shifted the order of her crossed legs.

After a long silence she prodded me yet again, “Fayten? It’s been another hour.” 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Egglet Pitch Contest Pitches!

Herbie gets camouflaged!

Ok, sorry it has taken me so long to get the pitch winner underway. I've had a lot going on. Just look at my car! I had to dig it out of the snow! That stuff is cold! I know I've been in Idaho for over a year now, but my NOLA blood still freezes, and so does my car apparently. If I ever get a book deal...well, I won't replace my car, since I am rather attached to it (it was my mom's college car, and mine too!), but I will at least buy a heater for it. It was my dream in NOLA to buy an ac, but now I want a heater!:-)


Other than digging my car out of snow, and "car-skating" around, I've also had a few Egglet orders that needed to be taken care of. These are some of the ones I just finished! I'm still working on the randomly selected winner's Egglet, and photos of that will be up soon on FairiesAndFinds! In the meantime, you should check out the winner's blog ! She's a very interesting writer I "met" on Twitter!=)
Hiker Owl!

AdventurOwl Family!
Mardi Gras Owl for Love-NOLA's giveaway!

My personal favorite: DracuOwl!

Anyway! On to the pitches! 

These are all (or most--some may have gotten lost if they were from random photo comments) of the Egglet pitches I received. If there were too many of the same theme, but someone pitched a second, I went with that theme for them (but don't worry, if a multiple-pitched theme is picked as the winner, I will draw from the pool of people who picked that theme!). 

There were a lot of cool pitches, so I will divide them into categories as best I can. I'm not sure how I am going to pick just one winner, so I am enlisting the aid of some judges! Until I get the system figured out, please leave a comment below on which pitches you would like to see make it into the next round! Yes, you can vote for your own!=)

Mad Scientist
Rock Star
Planet Earth
Hippy Flower Child
Bee Keeper
Pirate Owl
Drunk Mardi Gras Owl
Confused owl that thinks it’s a penguin
Mathematician, Genius
Scuba diver
Lubitel Camera
Snowmen owls.  Also the Nativity Scene may be interesting. 

People/Team Themes:
Rob Ryan Flowing Hair Owl
Saints Owl
Rocketts or Flamingo Dancer owls
Marie Antowlnette with a Mardi Gras Mask,

Phantom of the Owlpera
Mad Hatter
Santa/ Elves
Nightmare Before Christmas Sally
The Hobbit
Harry Potter Houses!
GoT Fire and Ice!
Harry Potter
Books, Wrinkle in Time
Anne of Green Gables

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

I decided to make this page since I hope some mentors (and maybe some agents I've already queried?) will be interested enough in Login to click into my blog! Stranger things have happened!=-) 


Dear Pitch Wars Mentors (and visiting Agents?),

I picked you because you sounded amazing. Now it's my turn to try and entice you into picking me! Whew, was it this nerve-wracking for you?

This picture pretty much sums me up.

Breathless Bio:

I'm a New Orleanian currently living in Idaho. I love cats, anime, and singing (badly) songs from LotR. I drive a '72 VW Superbeetle, although I push it more often than I drive it. I'm told I look like Merida from Brave. I've had 6 concussions because—these things just happen. I'm 26. My hair is naturally red, and my eyes are brown—but somehow my hair and eyes are the same color! If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be guacamole. I support food labeling, because chemicals banned in 120 countries for causing asthma, probably cause asthma where they aren't banned too. I graduated from the University of New Orleans with a B.A. in hypermedia. I still don't know what "hypermedia" is. I have AADD (Art Attention Deficit Disorder). If it's creative, I want to do it. Two years ago I finally made my decision to focus on writing, but I still do fine art, illustration, and some Flash games. I really want to do animations again too. I sell custom hand-painted egg-owls and creeptastic art dolls. I still do tumbling to some extent, and I LOVE hand-balancing on random objects.


My greatest love in reading is YA spec-fic, which is why I write it. I love new worlds, books with meaning, and characters who feel like friends and inspire fan-art. I like books that make me care enough to cry.
Some of my favorite books are: LotR, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Battle Royale, Incarceron, Chronicles of Prydain, Narnia, Game of Thrones, Graveyard Book, 1984, Lord of the Flies, Fahrenheit 451, Sea Wolf, Call of the Wild, Candide, Don Quixote.

Three things about LOGIN: 

I think I (mostly unintentionally) poured many of my own experiences into Login. Looking at it now, I think Login is a combination of losing my dad at 14 (and nearly losing my mom a couple of years ago), feeling lost after moving, and the "personal Apocalypse" feel of living in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Edit: Wow, I think those experiences made me a better writer, and they definitely inspired parts of the story, but I did not mean for that to sound so doom and gloomy! I'm a fun person! I swear! Just look at that picture of me! That is totally fun!

The Customized Children (cyborgs) in my story aren't traditional cyborgs. My cyborgs are just people with the internet built directly into their fake eyes, and an inability to logout from social networking. They—and the fact that parents must purchase all legal children "Customized" from a corporation—are my favorite elements in the story. As much as I love the internet, I think it would be horrible to be unable to logout from it. People with smartphones in their heads? No thank you!

Although my main character Fayten is a sixteen-year-old girl who teams up with two boys, she's not thinking about romance. I am a huge fan of adventure (give me Indiana Jones!) so I tried to pick mentors who liked adventure, and didn't require romantic elements. Sometimes a girl's just gotta survive!

Reasons to Pick Me:

1:CC and Me!
I thrived in the art department, so of course I live for constructive criticism! I will work as hard as possible on revisions!=-) If I wasn't a ginger I would SELL MY SOUL to make revisions happen! Soul, or no soul, I will work my hardest! =)

2: These gifs.

3: Incentive. Well...Virtual Bribes.
I know how to make chocolate. Just take a minute to let that sink in. Melty delicious chocolate.
I can also make Egg-Owls. Is that bribery? YES. Many will bribe you with cookies, but I have chocolate and Egg-Owls, so PICK ME! This applies to mentors, and any awesome agent who wants to be my awesome agent. EGG-OWLS FOR EVERYONE!

4: Fangirl friends.
You can fangirl with me about a LOT of things: books, anime, video games, Ghibli, Disney, Dr. Who, Adventure Time! You can fangirl with me even if you don't pick me. My Twitter name is @DreamOfFire . I can always use more fangirl/boy friends!

I forgot to mention this, but my book has Freelancers (a.k.a. modern pirates!) in it!

6:...There should be more reasons...but I can't think of any, so just know that I will make this face if you don't pick me. Trust me, the face looks really sad without the handstand.

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I hope you consider me!

Giveaway Winner!

I was just walking around thinking about being hungry... when I tripped over a box of crackers! Fortune smiles upon me!
Ah! Katniss met a cracker box too!

Well, anyway... I'm eating crackers now (and safely sitting), so I thought I would make a quick post. My giveaway has ended, and winners will be contacted shortly (I hit the Rafflecopter email thing like 10 it either didn't work, or it sent you 10 emails! I will try again tomorrow the traditional copy/paste way.)! 

The grand prize winner was #92! As for the second prize, I will pick the top 5-10 theme pitches and then put them up for a vote. So yes, you might still win! Hurrah! Here is a picture of Mardi Gras Egglet to celebrate!
Fun fact! The lovely lady who ordered Mardi Gras Egglet is doing a blog-giveaway of her own THIS MONTH, so this little guy is actually still up for grabs! I will post more details once she puts them up!

I would like to thank everyone who made my giveaway a success! I honestly didn't think anyone would enter, but I ended up with 137 entries! I also received 20+ fans to my facebook page, and got 8 custom orders! I am so grateful for all the shares and support! Yall rock my candy-cane striped socks off!=) P.S. Does anyone want me to pick extra winners for prints? The Egglets take too long to make to give away too many of them, but I could pick some winners for prints if anyone is interested. To see samples click the "Art" page. Dark stuff/fine art is on top, fun/cute illustration is on the bottom.=-) NOTE: Ava-Dolls is working now! Thanks to everyone who told me it wasn't working before! Go here to play, and send me a screencap on Twitter and/or Facebook if you make an Ava-Doll!