These are a few of my fa-vor-ite links! <--This is meant to be read in a "Sound of Music" voice.

On Writing:

  • WriteAboutDragons
    • Brandon Sanderson's lectures! Although they focus on fantasy, the advice can be applied to any genre.
  • Writing Excuses
    • Brandon Sanderson is one helpful guy! 15 minute weekly lectures!

On Plotting:


  • AbsoluteWrite
    • The Water Cooler forums here are fantastic! Lots of information, straight from authors.

On Agents:

On Querying:

On Contests:

  • Pitch Madness
  • PitchWars
  • Miss Snark's First Victim
  • Pitchmas in July
  • WriteOnCon
  • Cupid Connect

My Personal Links:

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My Friends:

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