Alright, so I've finally decided to do it. I've written a novel (not my first, but the first hopefully worthy of seeing the light of day), revised and edited the heck out of it, found major plot-holes, filled those with excellent excuses, and now what’s left to do? Oh yes: go for my life-long dream of becoming a published writer! 

       I am going to document my literary agent (and beyond?) search on here, and who knows, maybe this blog will eventually be helpful to another hopeful. Let's hope my adventures will come with worship and fanart a happy ending!

About Me:
A Brave Mistake!
I often get mistaken for the princess from Brave

         Hi! I'm TAH! I'm a New Orleans girl currently relocated in Idaho (what is this white stuff?). My love is writing, but fine art and illustration are two of my closest friends. You can find a sample of my art here, and links to my portfolios here.

Fine Arts

I graduated with a BA from the University of New Orleans in 2009. Regardless of medium (writing, fine arts, or illustration), I basically just love to tell stories.

My best friend, Oc-key

I adore my cat more than anything in the world. I also love crafts, my '72 VW Super Beetle, viral videos, and doing handstands! My favorite books are listed on my Shelf. I love YA sci-fi and fantasy, but I also love classics like Don Quixote, and anything Orwellian!

Check my B.W.E.F.'s photography out HERE!

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